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If (for some inexplicable reason) you liked my writing, my music or whatever,

please pester me with your thoughts.

Thank You


There are a hundred three people (no, there are not)
working at the Matt Youth Ltd Enterprise Company (it doesn't exist)
so, please bear with us while we try to understand what you meant when you wrote:
I hope you'll die, you idiot!
in you perfectly formatted and refine-y (is this a word?) written email.
We are experts in fake smiles.
We are also trained to act like perfect gentlemen when replying to you.
So, wish you a great, fab, amazing day of joy and peace.
unSincerely Yours,
the Matt Youth team

Telephone: I won't share it with you, ever. (Unless you are working at Penguin.) 

Email: Instagram / Medium / Twitter: @MattYouthUk

Address: TOP Secret Matt Youth HQ - Classified Alley 5b - What'ZIP - London - United Kingdom

Thanks for submitting!

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