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The Notoriou$

Matt Youth

Matt Youth was born somewhere on Bloody Saint Valentine's day, and he's not dead yet.

He won multiple Awards including the BEST MATT YOUTH of the DAY, the BEST MATT YOUTH of the YEAR, the 2019 NOBLE PRICE for literature, and he’s now working on getting the Women’s Prize for Fiction.

I know, this one’s gonna be hard. 


He wrote a few Novels in the past but you don’t want to know anything about them, trust me.

His 4th Novel will be a Total Success. You just have to wait for a Top Publishing Company and Literary Agency to accept his submission. You know how it works:


Not everybody can spot a Hero Writer at first read, as they say.


Matt Youth is also a musician, playing guitar, singing and producing stuff with badblood and ROOM 56.

He's a Vintage lover, a professional Upcycler (is this even a word?)

and an old-fashioned, Sinatra style bloke, when he feels like it.

In 2013 he become a Furniture Designer and Maker for AM Florence, his own brand.

He was an architect too, but who cares about that? 

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